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ONE SHEET ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER. RARE PMS PRINTER'S PROOF. LINEN BACKED READY FOR FRAMING. If it has any minor defects like pin holes, creases, etc.

And they are not mentioned above, they should be visible in the high resolution photo. WE DO NOT SELL REPRODUCTIONS OF ANY KIND. Perfect for a high end home theater. Highly sought after by movie poster collectors and aficionados. One sheet ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER Printer's Proof. This is a vintage original poster from 1977.

Linen Backed for preservation only. Prior to Linen Backing there were no defects. All PMS proofs that we have seen are missing the last line of the NSS paragraph and the bottom of the small GAU logo on the bottom border.

Gore Graphics corrected this for the regular print run. NO HAIR ON LUKE'S BELT. This poster comes straight from a former employee who used to work at Gore Graphics in the 1970's.

Gore was the company that originally printed these for the studio and National Screen Service (NSS) back in 1977. Why is this one more expensive than other versions of the Style A one sheet? This version with NSS # 77/21-0 is the very first printing. The Style A one sheet was printed at least 5 times in 1977. There are known reprints and/or reproductions of this poster.

THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM! This is guaranteed to be a genuine ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTER issued by the studio when the film was first released and meant for theatrical display. We are absolutely certain it is authentic. Bootlegs have a "hair" on Luke's belt area.

This does not have the hair. This is the most bootlegged and reproduced poster on planet Earth! It is extremely difficult to find an authentic one. About half the ones sent to us for consignment have to be sent back because they are reproductions. About Printer's Proofs : Before a poster was printed in large quantities the printer would print a limited number of test posters.

They would leave the color chart on the edge of the poster which added an extra inch to the width of the poster (which explains why this poster measures 28" x 41"). These would then be shown to people in a position to "OK" them. Once they were approved, the final posters would be printed and the proofs normally were destroyed. A printer's proof is far more rare than a regular one sheet poster and there is no fear of purchasing a reproduction. STAR WARS STYLE A 1SH FIRST PRINTING WITH NSS # 7 7/21-0 CMYK vs.

First, a little background information. Gore Graphics was a printing company used by the movie studios and the National Screen Service (NSS) to print original movie posters from the 1970's to the early 1990's. Gore Graphics no longer exists.

It was acquired by another company in the 1990's. The Star Wars style A one sheet was officially printed at least 5 separate times at a few different authorized print shops around the USA during the first theatrical run of Star Wars in 1977. This is evidenced by the differences that can be seen on the bottom borders of the one sheets. It has been well established by other experts, dealers and collectors over the years that the one sheets with NSS number 77/21-0 were printed first before all others.

In July 2013 we had an extensive conversation with Mark, a former employee of Gore Graphics in the 1970's and 80's. Like other former employees at Gore we have worked with over the years, Mark was allowed to take home posters from time to time. He has placed on consignment with us several Star Wars printer's proof one sheets. While meeting with Mark we became aware of two different versions of the 77/21-0 proof. The PMS version and the CMYK version.

Mark carefully explained that the PMS version was printed first and was disapproved. The CMYK version was printed next and was approved. PMS stands for Pantone Matching System (PMS).

PMS is a simpler system for printers to use. PMS colors can streamline the process of printing and cut down on cost.

There can be so much variation in color using CMYK that Pantone is sometimes used to help create consistent color. This way a printer can consistently print from job to job. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.

These are the primary colors used in printing. Varying the quantities of these colors creates an endless array of colors to print. The "first of the first" PMS proofs were printed before the CMYK proofs. Four colors (plates) were used for both the PMS and CMYK proofs. The PMS process produced a result that was unacceptable to those in charge (probably George Lucas) so Gore changed to a standard CMYK process for the subsequent print run which was finally deemed acceptable.

All other print runs used this CMYK process (as far as we know). When comparing the CMYK and PMS proofs side by side, the easiest way to tell the difference is by looking at the color bars.

The PMS proofs have orange included in the color bar, CMYK has yellow. CMYK - Which is rarer? No one can say for certain how many 77/21-0 proofs are out there and how many of each version still exist. Judging from past recorded sales, there are probably less CMYK proofs than PMS proofs. However, since the PMS proofs were printed first they are generally more sought after by collectors. They usually sell for about the same price. This poster is NOT FRAMED.

These can be very difficult to find in any condition! A long time can go by without one of these coming up for sale. You will have trouble finding a nicer one.

Poster is a poster that is archivally mounted to acid free paper and canvas where it can be restored if needed. Fold lines and other defects become less noticeable, sometimes even invisible. Linen Backing can dramatically improve the overall appearance of a poster and it can substantially increase its value.

It is the preferred archival method for conserving and/or restoring a poster. This poster is considered to be within that class and is definitely INVESTMENT QUALITY. This is NOT a reprint or reproduction poster! Please be advised that over 95% of all Original Movie Posters. Printed before the mid 1980's were issued FOLDED. This is NOT considered a defect. Vintage rolled posters do exist, however they are extremely rare.

We can have any folded poster. Which will make the fold lines virtually disappear. Also please note that most movie posters were actually used at the theater, and some will contain slight imperfections such as: writing on the back, pin holes, fold wear, small tears, etc. These are all very common and to be expected, but if they bother you, all these minor flaws can be remedied in the linen backing process.

Linen Backing preserves and can actually increase the value of a poster. For the most part, any flaws will be fixed and the poster will appear to be in Near Mint condition.

For more information about our. We do not always measure all of our posters exactly. Unless otherwise specified, poster measurements quoted above are approximate to the nearest inch. For example, if we say a one sheet poster is 27" x 41" its precise measurements may be closer to 26 3/4" x 40 7/8" (or something similar).

This slight variance is quite common for all original movie posters. BEWARE OF "FAKE" MOVIE POSTERS! There are fakes, bootlegs, reprints, and reproductions of almost every popular movie poster. WE DO NOT SELL THESE AS ORIGINALS LIKE OTHERS DO!

There are many unscrupulous dealers who successfully pass off these posters as originals. They have been doing it for years! These fakes are almost indistinguishable from originals, only experts can tell. They only discover years later when they sell them that they are worthless. Most are from popular movies from the 70's and 80's, but there are also really old ones and relatively new ones as well.

They usually appear in insert size 14" x 36" and one sheet size 27" x 41". Again, all we can say is BEWARE!

We grade our posters according to the Iguide Universal 10-Point Movie Poster Grading Scale. Almost all of our inventory is graded at least C8 Excellent or better. C10 Mint - Investment quality. No perceptible flaws of any kind. C9 Near Mint - Investment quality.

Minor flaw on an otherwise unused poster. C8 Excellent - Investment quality.

Pin holes, small tears, etc. C7 Very Good to Excellent - Fine.

Still a very nicely preserved item. C6 Very Good - The typical used poster in average condition. C5 Good to Very Good - A heavily-worn item. C4 Good - Below average but still suitable for display.

C3 Fair - Heavily worn, but yet still complete. C2 Poor to Fair - An extremely worn, possibly even incomplete item. C1 Poor - The lowest grade, representing items in the lowest possible condition. Some of our posters are "between grades". For example, a C8-C9 poster will contain all the qualities/characteristics of a Near Mint C9 except for one or two very minor flaws that we believe prevent it from being a true C9.

Sometimes it isn't possible to do this. Sometimes we can't roll a folded poster. Please note that if we hold your items for longer than 30 days they will NOT BE RETURNABLE.

WE TAKE EXTRA SPECIAL CARE WHEN WE PACKAGE YOUR ITEMS. Folded posters are placed in a plastic bag or envelope and in between STRONG pieces of cardboard and taped together before being placed in the package. Rolled posters are put into a plastic sleeve and then placed in a HEAVY-DUTY TOUGH 3" or 4" diameter thick walled PVC tube. We roll the poster into a smaller diameter than the tube. This is VERY IMPORTANT because it gives the edges strength and helps to prevent them from getting wrinkled.

We add soft cushioning material also very important! On the ends to prevent them from getting damaged.

We stamp "FRAGILE: DO NOT BEND" on the outside of the package. To protect ourselves, we insure expensive items for the FULL AMOUNT.

These combined charges can add up to 25% or more to your final cost. For other European countries the charges will differ.

Please check with your postal system on their procedure for packages from overseas so you are not unpleasantly surprised. You must notify us before sending it back. This is extremely rare, but it does occasionally happen. We know how to create a listing that will provide you with the highest dollar possible. We can yield for you MUCH MORE than you would get if you auctioned them yourself up to TEN TIMES or more! Let us sell your posters for you!

For more information about CineMasterpieces please see. We guarantee that all posters we sell are graded and described accurately. Unless otherwise specified in the description, ALL POSTERS ARE ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS original theatrical movie posters that were displayed or meant for display (unused) in theaters at the time the movies were released.

We will put in writing that we guarantee it to be an Original Movie Poster. This item is in the category "Entertainment Memorabilia\Movie Memorabilia\Posters\Originals-United States\1970-79". The seller is "cinemasterpieces" and is located in this country: US. This item can be shipped worldwide.
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